To:  All LakerFuture Parents and Players
From: Coach Flynn

The 2019 Mountain Lakes Lacrosse Team’s accomplishments were many…..

-Tournament of Champion winners. (beating Delbarton, Summit)
-Group 1 State Champions (beating  20-0 Manasquan)
-Gibbs Division Champions (Beating Ridgewood, Bergen Catholic, Ramapo, Don Bosco, Northern Highlands.)
-#1 Ranked team in New Jersey.
-#9 Ranked team in the United States.
-10 Players moving on to compete at the college level. Including Brown, Virginia, UPenn, Syracuse, Bowdoin, Williams, Muhlenberg, Rhodes, Stevenson.
-A regular Season win over Mercer Island,  Washington’s State Champion.
What is the key for a small, group 1, public school to be able to compete with and defeat the best in NJ and beyond?  Certainly, years of a great spring youth experience with outstanding coaching and tremendous parental support. Teamwork, strong dedication for one another and the love to go out and play together with their teammates.  This group ALL played LakerFuture as a way to improve individually and as a group.   LakerFuture helped forge the strong bond
that this group needed to take on and defeat all comers on a historic title run.
Lakerfuture has been a strong help in developing championship teams and great Players.  It is a proven formula for individual and team success.  It is our aim this summer to field a separate grade level team from 4th grade through 12th grade.   If needed, we will combine grades.  We will match these teams with alumni or high school coaches who will provide excellent lacrosse and life lessons. The Tournament and Practice schedules are included on the LakerFuture website.  Please contact me at tflynn@mlschools.org if you have any questions.  Thank You for your time.  All the best for a great 2020
Yours in Education….
Tim Flynn