To:  All LakerFuture Parents and Players
From: Coach Flynn
I want to thank every Player and  Parent for an outstanding season of LakerFuture Lacrosse.  Our players did an outstanding job on the field.   Our teams won 7 Tournament Championships, made several other finals and represented Mountain Lakes Lacrosse in the best possible manner.  Our teams played smart, tough and together.  All of our teams displayed strong teamwork and good sportsmanship.
I cannot thank our coaches enough for their dedication, expertise and caring. I witnessed dozens of individual lessons during the course of the summer. Our players listened and our teams improved.  Team play was emphasized and the end result was fun to watch.  I could not ask for better role models for our young players.
Our parents showed strong, positive support for the coaches and players.  The team tents were places of fun, replenishment and bonding . I appreciate all the planning and work that went into setting up and supplying the tents.  Our parents made sure that our players and coaches had all that they needed to perform at their best.
Thank you all for a great summer.  I appreciate the fact that there are a ton of choices now in the summer, and that you continue your support of Laker Lacrosse by picking LakerFuture.  I will continue to work to ensure that LakerFuture is a great experience for all involved.  Thanks again.
An interesting (I hope) postscript to the summer was my visit back to Bucks Mill
Park in Colt’s Neck in late July.  We started the LakerFuture summer there on June the 10th at the Battle of Monmouth.  In June, I watched as Mark Walters coached up our 4th graders and our LakerFuture teams won 3 Championships.  On July the 30th, at Bucks Mill Park again, I was witness to the summer Laker experience coming full circle. I watched 15 Laker Alumni, along with a few friends, win the prestigious and ultra competitive WAR AT THE SHORE.    If there is any better proof that the LakerFuture experience provides strong, lasting bonds as it betters the individual player and makes great teams, someone let me know!