To:  All LakerFuture Parents and Players
From: Coach Flynn
The summer of 2018 was a landmark time for Lakerfuture. Our A team performed at a level that we all should take immense pride in. The team competed at the invite only New England Showcase. After defeating Darien, Bellevue (Washington State Champion) and Hingham,Mass.; The group defeated Smithtown-West 6-4 in the finals to win the Championship of the tourney.
A week later-the group beat Georgetown Prep, St. Mary’s, Garden City and then defeated Haverford in the finals to win the prestigious National High School Lacrosse Showcase in Maryland.
A small, public high school taking on and defeating these storied programs????
The boys played true Lakers Lacrosse, running the field in transition, playing great team defense and working as a team to prevail in some outstanding contests. These results occur when a group has stuck together for years, learned and worked to improve, and developed a closeness that translates into strong team play at both ends of the field. Hats off to the group!!
All levels competed hard and together. Our teams and coaching staffs worked hard to improve and play team lacrosse while displaying good sportsmanship. Lessons were taught and strong competition showed our players where they needed to improve. All teams benefited from great, caring instruction both individually and as a team.All laker youth players should have received an email from Coach Flynn outlining the reasons to continue in the Lakerfuture program. The above results are a great indicator of what is achievable when we work together. Attached to this email is a letter from a Laker Alumni also outlining his thoughts on the importance of Lakerfuture and our overall Laker Lacrosse experience.
I hope you take some time to look theses both over and then sign up for another great summer in’19!!
We are asking everyone that will play to register BY OCTOBER 15. We need to plan for next summer!

Thank you all for making the summer of ‘18 fun and rewarding. Have a great school year!

Coach Flynn