Note from Coach Flynn about Summer 2014:

To: Laker Lacrosse Parents and Players
From: Coach Flynn

I wanted to contact all Laker Lacrosse parents and players about plans for the Laker Future Lacrosse Club for next summer.  I am very proud of all Laker Future participants this past summer.  Our players played tough, smart Laker Lacrosse.  They were able to work and improve individually and with their team.  Parents were extremely supportive, helpful and made the experience for their sons meaningful and memorable.  Coaches taught and led in the best traditions of Mountain Lakes Lacrosse.  Our High School ‘A’ group produced a  17-2 record against some of the best ‘Elite’ programs around and won 3 of the 4 tournaments entered.  I truly enjoyed overseeing all the teams and saw tremendous growth, togetherness, pride, toughness and skill that will benefit us for years to come.  It is gratifying to see young players paying attention, learning, working together and competing with a strong commitment to one another.

The changes that were made in our schedule resulted in strong and varied competition.  The tournaments that we attended allowed our players to see a lot of different teams, styles and levels of play. This coming summer, we will follow a very similar schedule in terms of our grades 4-8 Tournament calendar.

The head coaches that we brought in did an outstanding job in organizing their teams, teaching the game and instilling pride and sportsmanship.  Our assistant coaches made the game fun, brought in a fresh perspective, and established the bridge between past and future Lakers.  All coaches are scheduled to return.

Overall, I think the summer was a strong success.  With a lot of hard work by all involved, I believe we re-established Laker Future as the best option for our players in the summer.  We are working to make next year even stronger.  We know we are walking the line between Elite and Town team.  We do not have tryouts,  but have been able to field very competitive teams.  One area we wish to work on is being as competitive as possible by allowing our coaches to have our stronger players on the field longer in tournament games.  All players will play in tournaments, but some may see more action.  If this occurs, the coaches will have two mid-week scrimmage games to allow for playing time to even out. We are committed to having each player develop in game situations.  This schedule will allow us to be as competitive as possible, for playing time to even out over the course of the summer and for all players to improve and learn. We had one scrimmage game scheduled this past summer, but the team we were scheduled against backed out one day before we were due to play.  The coaches of the teams requested we not reschedule, as they wanted more practice time with their teams.  It would have helped a few of our teams to play that game to allow for all the players development.  We feel that with this plan in place, we will allow for our teams to be more competitive in tournaments but still be able to develop every individual.

We are also looking at tweaking the High School ‘A’ and ‘B’ schedule to allow for maximum college exposure for our High School players.

There is no doubt in my mind that having a strong Laker Future program in place has helped our High School team continue to be one of the best in New Jersey and in the nation.  I feel that this past summer, we took some very serious strides to strengthen the Laker Future experience and that we will continue those advances in 2014.  Please contact me by email at tflynn@mtlakes.org with any comments or questions.  We are committed to continue the tradition of the Laker Future and to ensure that it is the best option for our families in the summer.

Thank you all for your commitment to Laker Lacrosse,
Tim Flynn

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