To: All Laker Future Players and Parents:
From: Coach Flynn

Our coaches in the 2016 summer of LakerFuture were some of the most dedicated, knowledgeable, hard working and creative I have ever been around.  That includes College and International staffs that I have been associated with.  We are so very lucky in Mountain Lakes that our VERY BEST alumni want to come back to help pass on the experience that is playing for Mountain Lakes.  It is definitely about the individual getting better as a player and learning how to contribute to their team. Skill development has always been a key ingredient in planning every summer. However, the strong life lessons routinely taught by our staff are something that is of great benefit and a pleasure for me to see.  THIS IS SOMETHING THAT THEY WILL NEVER GET FROM A PAY TO PLAY CLUB and what makes the experience different and better than our players can get anywhere else.  When you add to this, the priceless experience of having fun, playing and improving with their hometown buddies, it makes LakerFuture very special.

I appreciate all those who have continued to see the benefits of our hybrid Town/Elite Lacrosse Club.  The tryout for our program is the realization of the parents and the players that this is where the best experience for a young Laker lies.  The strongest players will be tested to improve and carry the weight of their team and ALL players will learn the game the way it is played at the best level.  Hard work, all out effort, strong desire, commitment to their team and loyalty are the benchmarks of a LakerFuture/Laker player.  We want families involved who see these traits as attributes to be valued in the development of their sons.

I cannot express how proud I am when all these items come together and our teams perform like a well oiled machine.  Our teams performed admirably last summer, winning championships and exhibiting great skill and a high lacrosse IQ.  This is a great credit to the players and coaches (both spring and summer).  Also a credit to our fantastic parents who support the ideals that are Laker Lacrosse.

Players, Parents and Coaches working together toward common goals.  To see each player improve in skill. ability, knowledge and attitude.  To see each team work together to achieve at the highest level and to do so while exhibiting great sportsmanship and commitment to SOMETHING OTHER THAN THEMSELVES.

Lessons are there to be learned.  Thank you for your support and caring for your son and our program.  Please email me if there are any questions.


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