Note From Coach Flynn to all Laker Future Parents and Players:

LakerFuture Lacrosse this past summer was a resounding success.  I cannot begin to capture in this note, the multitude of examples of a winning attitude, strong work ethic, enthusiasm, desire and success on the field.  We won multiple titles versus the “Elites” and proved once again that banding together makes us the strongest that we can be.  I thank every parent and player who participated this past year.  Your decision to go “all in”  with LakerFuture helps us keep abreast of all the strong high school programs out there.  Our 22-4 Varsity record in 2014, second straight Group 1 State Championship and advancement to the ‘final four’ in the Tournament of Champions relied heavily on experiences that our players had in LakerFuture.  It is a proven formula for success that delivers on the promise to develop the individual and group to be the best they can be.  For those interested in maximizing the individual, we only need to point to the schools that recent LakerFuture players have chosen…..Duke, Michigan, Bucknell, Lehigh, Villanova, Bryant, Fairfield, Monmouth, Lafayette, Manhattan, Holy Cross, Tufts, Williams, Amherst, Stevenson, Wesleyan, Denison, Birmingham Southern to name but a few.  The naming of Christian Cuccinello as “Player of the Year” in New Jersey, only highlights the ability of LakerFuture to turn out the best.

The format for 2015 will be the same…. The coaching staffs made the difference this past year.  They were extremely enthusiastic, supportive, motivating, knowledgeable and caring.  We will endeavor to keep all coaches in place, most have already signed on for 2015.  The extra scrimmage-game during the week allowed for valuable work time for our coaches and allowed for game-like development for our players.   We like the schedule of tournaments we attended for the variety and toughness of competition, and strong college exposure for our older players.  We will always re-evaluate and seek out the best set of tournaments for our club.  The improvement of our players and teams was very evident during the summer of 2014…we intend to do everything in our power to ensure that LakerFuture experience continues to be the hands-down best choice for all Lakers.  I am convinced that it is…I think that the experience has strongly improved over the last two years and we are determined to continue that trend. The contribution of our parents is, without a doubt, a key for continued success and is GREATLY appreciated by the coaches.  Along with everything else, the togetherness and the FUN was very evident…and that is a huge part of our strength.

There are many choices that players and their families can make for lacrosse participation in the summer.  I am extremely grateful and humbled by the continued success and participation of all those who choose the LakerFuture experience.  It is the lifeblood of our varsity program and I strongly believe that it is the best way for every individual player to improve and grow.  I am strongly dedicated to making that experience positive and meaningful for all involved.

Thank you for all your help and support.

Tim Flynn

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