To:  All Laker Future Parents and Players
From: Coach Flynn
Re: Summer 2024

The Laker Future experience for our High School players is designed to give our team members a chance to improve individually and as a group… and to get exposure to college coaches to help with the recruiting process.  It allows every player the opportunity to play WITH HIS TEAMMATES against strong competition.  College coaches have told me over and over that they enjoy watching and evaluating players when they play with their high school team.  They feel it gives a more realistic look at what a player knows and how he reacts in game situations.  The tournaments that we go to are very well attended by college coaches and have provided strong challenges as we transition from one season to another. Our  A and B players alike have utilized game film from these tournaments to begin or enhance the recruiting process.  

The tradition of ML Lacrosse taking on several nationally ranked programs every summer has been a major contributor in the development of strong spring teams.  The bond formed during the summer is revered by our players and appreciated by our coaching staff.  It is completely a family decision as to what an individual player decides to do in the summer months and that has and will always be respected.  But the fun, bonding, competition and college exposure experienced by our players in the High School LakerFuture program cannot be denied.  It is a blast!!

The A team is composed of rising juniors and seniors and an occasional rising soph and the B team is composed of rising sophomores and some rising juniors based on their play during the spring.  A few players play on both teams.

Please sign up early if you intend to play.  If anyone has any questions, please feel free to contact me.

All the Best-

Coach Flynn

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